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Pure Cycladic Hospitality


Dazzling Hospitality in the heart of Ambelas.

Overlooking the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea, Fyrogenis Palace is the ideal choice for the whole family, but also for those who want to enjoy moments of wellness and tranquility. Located in the heart of Ambelas, our property features 16 rooms, and a swimming pool with a lounge area, where you can savour locally sourced delicates and cool refreshments from our all day bar. We invite you to experience unique moments of relaxation and fill your holidays with the most vibrant colors of the Aegean Sea.

Rooms & Suites

4 Seasons Panoramic View

Ideal for 4 people with all comforts

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Aegean Grand

Retro, luxurious, bright, extra private

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Sunrise Romantic Apartment

Unique, special, spacious.

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White & Blue Apartment

Spacious, beautiful, bright

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Honeymoon Suite

Ideal for couples

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Ambelas beach

Ambelas beach (white blue) is just 5 minutes walk from Fyrogenis Palace and has an organized and sandy beach, beachbar and restaurant. It is protected from the weather as it is located between two capes that form a windless bay, which is why fishermen have chosen it to anchor their boats. Taverns operate on the beautiful and almost pristine sandy beach with the blue-green, transparent waters, which will fascinate you with the traditional flavors of their genuine Parian cuisine.


The cosmopolitan and picturesque Naoussa is just 3 km from Fyrogenispalace. In the past, the port of Naoussa was a pirate cave. Today, the music from the bars, the endless movement from the restaurant tables, the youthful voices that want to suck all life into one night, compose a lively cinematic setting that is hard to find in any other part of the world.

Kolimpithres beach

Probably the most famous beach of Paros. Beautiful and quiet golden beach, in the western part of the bay of Naoussa where it is 3.5 km away from Fyrogenis Palace. Of particular interest are the granite rocks that have taken various abstract forms, from the sun, the wind and the saltiness of the sea, forming cavities that look like swimming pools. Kolimbithres is suitable for seclusion and quiet, although it is so popular, nothing destroys the natural beauty of the landscape.

Santa Maria beach

Santa Maria Beach is 2.6 km away from Fyrogenis Palace Hotel. For many, Santa Maria is the best beach in Paros, and rightly so. It is located on the northeast side of the island, just opposite Naxos. The crystal clear sand and cool sea water form an ideal landscape for relaxation. Its beautiful seabed challenges you to explore it by taking a long dive in the blue waters. Most of the beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. Along the beach you will find many bars with music and taverns that will set the mood for a seafood dish or a simple snack. You can also test your adrenaline in water sports such as wind-surfing, diving, jet-skiing or set up a beach-volleyball game with your friends. Santa Maria beach has a natural landscape that can be described as an earthly paradise. The coastline forms in many places small creeks for isolation, providing natural shade under the tamarisk trees.

Ekatontapyliani church

The Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is 12 km (15 minutes by road) away from Fyrogenis Palace. It is one of the oldest, most important and well-preserved monuments of Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture in Greece and in fact the largest in size.

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